Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

In honor of the 4th coming up...

Monday, June 28, 2010


And no I didn't spell it incorrectly, it's how Brasil actually spells Brasil. Since I have now been back for over a week, I thought that I would finally post about my mission trip to Brasil. I have yet to get my pictures developed from the trip so the pictures being used in this post are from my fellow trip mates. This post will probably be a more basic post on the goings on in Brasil. When I get my pictures back I will go into detail on my personal experiences and changes in Brasil. This is just so you actually believe I was there, I can image that you are sitting there thinking that there is no way I have been because I haven't posted a single picture or detail about the trip, it is all about to!

So here we are the whole lot of us ready to fly high and get to Brasil. It's a long day of travle, we left DFW at 2pm and landed in Recife at 9am the next morning. I really am not a fan of the red eye flight.
Aunty Cindy and I are ready to hit the road...I mean air!

Oi Brasil! Our first viewing of Brasil from the plane.

We've landed in Recife...I was tempted to kiss the ground (but I refrained), have I mentioned I HATE flying!

The van ride to the YWAM ready to get there.

The back of a truck...Jesus is my friend too!
The chapel on base...reminds me of a Spanish mission.

The YWAM base was on the top of a this was our view, pretty awesome wouldn't you say?
Look at the blue skies...isn't it beautiful? Another view from the base!

This is were we held our team meeting and worship, I think the scenery is beautiful for worship!

When we were taking a tour of the base with the directors they brought us to the HOPE House. The Hope House is home for street boys between the ages of 10 - 14. The goal is to reintegrate these boys back into their families and society, when it is possible. Our program works basically in six areas: spiritual, education, family, physical, social and professional.
p.s. this concludes the sunny portion of our trip!

My roomies...we were headed of to church. This day began the 6 continuous days of rain that we had in brazil. By the way we only had 2 days of complete sunshine on our 10 day trip.

Sunday lunch...just like back in the states. The only difference, we are at an actual Brasilian steak house...tasty!

Getting dinner ready for the team!

Learning to samba...I think we got pretty good :)

Brasilians love their Acai...not used for health benefits like it is here in the US. We went out to a little place like a yogurtville...but instead of ice cream or yogurt they have acai sorbet, and then they put all the unhealthy toppings on it. YUMMY!

Thats all for now...but I will post more on Brasil. There will eventually be posts on futbol, VBX (when I get my pictures developed), and the end of our trip including the beach.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm sorry

Someday I will get around to adding new posts. I even have a couple in mind...1st about my trip to Brazil and 2nd about projects around the house. I hope to Blog soon!