Sunday, September 27, 2009


Drew and I had a very enjoyable weekend. We started it off right with Friday night higschool football (practically a religion in Texas). We watched Drew's younger brothers beat the heck out of TCA (I think Texas Christian Academy). CCCA beat TCA 50 to 19! Go Cougars!

Saturday was spent getting the house spic and span...I really should post pictures (Saturday is always chore day around the house). Drew will be out of town all week so I am going to try and mow the yard just to let him rest this weekend. Saturday evening we went to Oktoberfest in McKinney while supporting our aggies with our aggie gear. We had a great time listening to polka music and doing the chicken dance. We ate bratwurst, sauerkraut, german potato salad, and pretzels (all the german fixings!). We even enjoyed some german rosted peanuts Yum. We had a great date night out, it was good to just have fun the two of us. And the cherry on top of our night was that the Ags beat the hell out of UAB 56 to 19.

Sunday we went to church with my parents and then enjoyed lunch at OTB with all my family for my Aunt's birthday. Drew and I have finally got our guest room set up. We found a comforter set and bed bath and beyond that we both agreed on, so all I need to do now is find some decorations for the room and it will be complete! Woo-hoo our house is coming together finally (we have only lived here for 8 months :/)

Weekly Menu
This week there is no weekly menu. Drew will be out of town all week, so I am on my own, there is no need or reason to make a dinner for one person. So I will be scrounging around the house for food and eating last weeks left overs.
Have a wonderful week,

Thursday, September 24, 2009


So yesterday was my first day as a substitute teacher. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be to be honest I was a little worried, you know not knowing the kids at all or what was to be taught for the day. I was in a second grade classroom and the kids were great...they were talkative but a good bunch! I have always wanted to teach kindergarten but second grade is probably a better grade to sub for they listen and behave, and they are very helpful. Every student wanted to help me yesterday and I heard the same helpful comments at least ten times. They were so cute. I still worry about what other classes may come, but my first day on the job was a lot better than anticipated.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekly Menu

So I am really excited about Monday nights dinner. My best friend Megan will be coming over for dinner so I will be making an old favorite poppy seed chicken. Now I was under the impression that poppy seed chicken was something that only fellow sound invention singers new about and possibly created, but I was wrong...there are a lot more people that know about this tastey dish than I though which is good because this amazingly bad for you dish should be passed on to the general public. This was a meal that we would eat before our sound invention shows in high school (this was our high school jazz choir). One mom each year would be in charge of making the recipe and handing it down year after year...I am very grateful that the recipe ended up in my hands...and I am going to share it with you!

Monday: Poppyseed Chicken

6 skinless boneless chicken breasts

1 cup of sour cream

1/4 cup water

2 rolls of ritz crackers crushed

2 cans of cream of chicken soup

2 cups shredded monetrey jack cheese

3 Tbs. poppy seeds

1 stick of butter melted

Boil chicken and shred, arrange in a 9 x 13 in. casserole dish. Season chicken to taste with salt and pepper. Stir together soup and water in a sauce pan over medium heat to remove the lumps, remove from heat and add sour cream. Stir in cheese and half of poppy seeds, our over chicken. Mix remaining poppyseeds and crushed ritz crackers with butter. Sprinkle over chicken. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Sauce will thicken upon standing. Serves 6-8.

Now I usually make this with low fat/fat free sour cream and cheese and low sodium soup to make it a little healthier. Enjoy a nice comfort food meal!

Tuesday: Supreme Pizza with salad

Wednesday: Dinner with the Gates family

Thursday: Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and rolls

Friday: Hamburger helper with corn bread

Saturday: Breakfast with Drew (I'm going to make hobo pancakes...I'll tell you how the end up on saturday) I got yhis recipe from another friends blog. Croissant BLT's for lunch. Dinner with friends or family most likely.

Sunday: Lunch with the family, left overs for dinner.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Home sweet home

We have finally made it home after two weeks of traveling. Thank goodness I did not have to stay in a hotel the entire time, although I did have my fill of them. Our trip started out in College Station. Our dear sweet friends the Maders graciously opened up their home to us. We spent our first weekend in College Station going to the Aggie football game where they beat the hell out of New Mexico, WHOOP! Then on Sunday morning we went back to Grace Bible Church, it was so nice to be back. Sunday night we packed our bags and headed to Houson TX. It was a pretty uneventful business trip for Drew I just went along for the ride. We visited with our friends the Muellers and played a fun round of Mario Cart (such a fun game- I highly recommend it). Friday afternoon we headed back to College Station to stay with the Maders we had a wonderful time playing fun new games...

Yahtzee Free For All...a fun board game for players 2 or more, the game is like the original where you try and get all the same number dice but you can also get straights, full house, 3 of a kind, or just certain numbers. This game is a blast for the whole family. The object is to win a card off the game board by getting the dice to match what the card says. Each card is worth a different amount of points. When all the cards are gone the player with the most points wins!

we also played, is a mix of scrabble and a crossword puzzle. All the letter tiles are put face down on the table, each player grabs 21 tiles, when a person yells "split" everyone turns their letters over and starts to create words in a crossword style (each player has their own crossword). When a player runs out of letters (all their tiles are used) they yell "peel" and every player grabs one new tile from the grab pile. If you have a letter that you cannot make into a word (q, x, z ect.) you yell "dump" and put that letter back in the grab pile face down and pick up 3 new tiles from the grab pile. When all the tiles have been taken from the grab pile the person who uses all their tiles first wins the game. That player will yell "finish" and of course you check their words to make sure they are correct. It is a great game to get your brain thinking.

the last game we played is a card game called Blink... (must use Blink cards!)
This is a game played between two poeple. The dealer passes out all the cards except two. The two remaing cards are layed face down in two seperate piles. When the dealer says go each player flips over one of the cards that was face down in a pile. The cards that were delt to the each player remain face down in a stack, when the two cards have been flipped over each player can pick up three cards from their stack to play with (a player can only have three cards in their hand at a time...and they must use the ones they picked up first). Looking at the three cards in their hands a player tries to put them on one of the discard piles by matching either number, color, or object. The first player to discard all their cards wins.

I had a wonderful time visiting with friends while Drew was away at work, but after two weeks we are sure glade to be home with our puppy Buttercup!

Have a fabulous rest of the week,