Monday, May 30, 2011

Meal Planning Monday

Yay...I finally get to meal plan again. It has been forever! Drew has been out of town for the past four weeks and I had no reason to plan meals. But now I do again, he is finally home!

Monday: Dinner with my parents for my moms 50th birthday!
Tuesday: Overstuffed Grilled Vegetable-Feta sandwiched
Wednesday: Southwest Chicken Salad
Thursday: Lemony Shrimp and Rice Salad
Friday: Out with family
Saturday Brunch: Fried egg and avocado bagel sandwich
Saturday dinner: Grilled southwestern chicken wraps
Sunday: Garden Pasta salad

Drew and I picked up a weight watchers magazine and for now we will be cooking from here, lets see if we have weight loss with the food and working out!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Unhappy but Cute!

Ashlyn wearing the dress I made her, she doesn't look happy about it, but it looks cute on her! She is very into wearing only what she wants to wear right now...this could have been one of those moments.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My creative side comes out

For Ashlyn's birthday, my creative side came out...

I made Ashlyn a prayer book, I had seen this on another friends blog and I thought it was so cute that I had to make one for Ashlyn. When Drew and I have kids they will all get one as well.

To make these all you need is scrapbook paper, sticker letters, and Velcro, I used a laminator from work (but an individual one is not to pricy so I may get one eventually). I tied mine together with string, but you could take it to Kinko's and get it bound.

Inside the book you put pictures of friends and family that the child knows and laminate them so that they are sturdy.

Each night you pick three people from the book that you want to pray for and but them on the heart.

After all three people are selected you sing this little prayer and then say a small prayer for each person that was selected.

I also made Ashlyn two pillowcase dresses and they turned out so cute.

I have seen these pillowcase dresses around and thought, "hey I could make that!" So with the help of my mom I did! After making two with her, I think I am ready to venture out and make them by myself! I am even considering selling them...Let me know if your interested!

I had to make her a cute Aggie dress for football season...I can't wait to get a picture of her in it!

Ashlyn Turns 2!

This weekend our sweet niece Ashlyn turned 2...I can't believe it! We spent Saturday at the park celebrating her birth. She had a great time...

Playing on the swings

Eating her yummy cup cakes

And opening up her HUGE pile of presents!
We celebrated with all things Elmo her most current fetish...the delicious cupcakes
and cake that my mother in law made

We finished the party with a pinata that Ashlyn was not so fond of. They picked out an Elmo pinata, but beating up Elmo was not on Ashlyn's agenda. Her big sister Alexis was having a field day beating up Elmo to get all the candy, and Ashlyn was so upset she was crying in her mothers arms. Needless to say, if you get a pinata for a 2 year olds birthday make sure its something they DON'T like!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Jason Castro Concert (Jenn's view point)...Green River Ordinance Concert (Drew's view point)

Last weekend Drew and I had a great date night. Young Life was hosting a concert and preforming was Jason Castro and Green River Ordinance. We had such a great time and it was a great compromise date night. I wanted to see Jason Castro and Drew wanted to see Green River Ordinance, so it worked out perfectly!

Drew and I hanging out before the concert started.

Jason kicking it off...

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Jason and I after the show...he's cool and an Aggie (it makes him even cooler :))...and yes I am wearing a jacket in the middle of May, it was 50 degrees that night (Drew and I were not prepared and froze the entire concert...blankets would have been wise).

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I am so thankful for my wonderful mother, she has always been there for me and loving me every step of the way.

I also a great mother-in-law she has been so accepting and welcoming. She has been a wonderful addition in my life.

We spent this weekend celebrating, Saturday night we headed out to Buca Di Beppo. We celebrated the trifecta, mother's day and mine and my sister-in-law's birthday.

Dinner at Buca, I was greatly surprised when my best friend Megan ended up being our waitress...It was great getting to see her.

Drew and our niece Ashlyn...I had to get a picture of Drew holding her, she never lets him hold her so this was a big deal!

For mothers day with my family we headed down to White Rock Lake and had a picnic. I made the entire lunch from the mothers day picnic recipes I got in my Southern Living was so good!

For lunch we had a spring time salsa, fruit salad with blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries with mozzarella cheese and basil, and homemade chicken nuggets

For dessert we had strawberry and rhubarb hand pies

My mom and Grandma

3 generations: Grandma, mom, and I...too bad my sister had to work, we would have loved her in the picture too!


Well, the years are flying by on me and I have recently turned 25. 25 is going to be a great's the year I hope to be teaching my own classroom, growing in my faith, becoming more of a woman of God, and becoming more of a help meet to my wonderful husband.

We had a delicious homemade dinner of fajitas and tres leches cake, and a relaxing evening. Here are some pictures of the joyous occasion.

Me with my tres leches cake, I'm really getting into baking

Dad, just chillin'

Uncle Geoff and lil Geoffrey, he was our ring bearer at 3 and now he is he's big!

Me and Drew, but I'm sure that needs no explanation

Grandma and Aunt Illma

My tres leches birthday cake...I went with the Mexican theme and stuck with it...true to the end!

All the ladies minus me...the picture taker

Right before the party started, Drew went around decorating the house for my birthday...he's so good to me!

Mom, James, and Elizabeth: that was the only normal looking picture of James the whole night.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baking and cooking away!

I have really put my Christmas present to use lately...if you don't remember, Drew got me a shiny red Kitchen Aid Mixer! I have been busy baking for Easter and my birthday, I think if it didn't cause weight gain I just found my new favorite hobby! Here is what I've been up to lately:

PW's Strawberry Shortcake...I made it for Easter and it was awesome!

PW's Tres Leches Cake, I made this for my birthday. It turned out great and was not soggy at all!

We had fajita night for my birthday with my I made PW's Pico

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lets go Mavs!

On Monday we went to game 5 of the Mavs game...we had such a blast. I really enjoy going to the games and we haven't been to one in forever...and we WON!!

The court from our seats

Kristi and I

Me and Drew

Tim and Deb...I could not get that boy to smile

Kristi and Brandon

Drew and Kristi

Next season I hope to go to a few more Mavs games!

Happy Easter!

We celebrated this Easter with Drew's family. Everyone got together and we enjoyed some yummy pot roast...Drew's favorite! It was a great time getting to see all of Drew's family in one place. Here are some pictures of the day.

Ashlyn decorating her Easter eggs

Here they are, didn't she do a great job?
My brother joined us for Easter lunch...Unfortunately my mother spent Easter weekend in the hospital with appendicitis.
Dan had warmed up the pool and the boys were having a blast flipping off the diving board.

Ashlyn got bubbles in her Easter basket and was having a blast blowing them into the wind.

Drew and I on Easter