Tuesday, August 17, 2010

26 years ago today...

26 years ago today was the best event to ever occur for me. It was the day my best friend was born, the special man that God had planned for me had arrived! Here is a list of 26 things that I love about Drew (I have seen this on friends blogs, what a great idea)!

26 things I love about Drew

1. He’s very hard working and has a strong desire to provide for his family.
2. He’s is very handy and always making improvements to our house.
3. He’s very smart and intelligent.
4. He has a great sense of humor and is always making me laugh.
5. I love the way he laughs when he finds something that he thinks is truly funny.
6. He is incredibly handsome.
7. He has a desire to learn and research…he wants to do things the right way.
8. He as a love for his family and a desire to spend time with them…I know he will make an incredible dad someday.
9. He is determined and persistent.
10. He is protective and strong.
11. He is caring and kind.
12. He is such a sweet daddy to our precious dog Buttercup, (he loves to spoil her).
13. He is always dreaming of our future together.
14. He is so out going and can get along with anybody…he compliments my shyness very well.
15. He’s good at making decisions and not letting people take advantage of him…he has certainly helped me and rescued me in this area.
16.He loves my cooking, and loves food. I love that we can try new things together.
17. He has a desire to travel with me.
18. He is romantic and loves to put together special dates for me.
19. He’s very logical.
20. He’s very supportive of me and the decisions I make.
21. He’s very optimistic.
22. He is great at fixing things.
23. He seeks advice from godly men.
24.He thanks me often when I serve him.
25. He loves the Lord.
26. Life with him is an exciting journey, and I’m excited to see what the Lord has in store for us, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jammin' Good Times

Drew and I have greatly enjoyed my last 2 nights off! Summer nights off are great, we have enjoyed two date nights in a row.

Last night we enjoyed a tasty meal at home and played a few rounds of Guitar Hero before our movie started. (We enjoyed Guitar Hero so much, we played it again tonight)!

We then headed off to see Iron Man 2 (we are Marvel Comic movie "freaks")...we love the comic movies. The movie cost us $3 to get (gotta love the dollar theater that charges a $1.50) and paid 5 bucks for the popcorn...are they rediculous or what?

Tonight we enjoyed a tasty meal at Souper Salads...I really am a fan! After that Drew went with me to Hobby Lobby, one of my favorite places. I love to walk around and get decorating ideas for our casa. We headed home to play more guitar hero, then played some fetch with Buttercup and headed out for a nice relaxing walk.

I definitely enjoy these evenings together...I think we should do this more often!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hellooo Cleveland!

This weekend Drew and I went to Cleveland, it was a nice chance for us to get away and talk about our future together. For those of you who don't know, we were in Cleveland because Drew had an interview for a promotional position within his company...so I went along with hin to tour the area and get a feel for where we could possibly be living (if he gets offered the job). We had a wonderful time and enjoyed temperatures in the 70's, there was definitely no complaining about the.

I spent most of Friday in the hotel room while Drew was at the office interviewing for most of the day. He said the interview went very well (incase you were wanting to know). That evening one of the guys that works in the Cleveland office (and his wife) took us out, to show us the town.

We got all dressed up and headed to Down Town Cleveland. We had a great Mediterranean style dinner on fourth street and then headed to Little Italy for dessert. I had an amazing chocolate raspberry mousse and I am craving more!

Saturday was all about Drew and I. We headed out again to Down Town Cleveland. It is the Birth place of Rock and Roll, so we decided to go to the Rock and Roll Museum. We walked in and turned right around when we saw that they charged $22 a ticket.

The Rock and Roll Museum, a really cool building...me playing the air guitar rather sadly.

So instead of the Rock and Roll Museum we headed to the Science museum which was right next door and much more reasonable.
Playing with electricity...
and bubbles
That night we headed back to Little Italy to enjoy some tasty food. We sat along the street and people watched.
Drew also oogled some at the Ferrari
Sunday: we headed to Avon Ohio and 1st drove around looking at real estate, just to get an idea. Then we spent a little time on Lake Erie just watching the waves and enjoying the weather.
Lake Erie, it so big it looks like the ocean. The color of the water is stunning as well (nothing like Texas lakes).
Playing at the beach on the lake.
We also headed to Crocker Park which is essentially Fire Wheel mall...just a nice outdoor shopping mall.
We had a lot of fun touring the Cleveland area. We will keep you posted on the potential move!