Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ready, set,...FALL!

This is kinda two posts in one. This summer I went on a mission trip to Brazil, when I came home Drew had surprised me with quite a few updates to the house. Also in this post is my house all ready for fall, because when I took the pictures of our updated house it was after I got ready for fall. Get ready to see my pumpkin collection...I LOVE pumpkins and decorating for fall :)

Here are two before pictures of our living room...

And here are the after you can see there are many new items and we rearranged the living room. When I got home Drew surprised me floors, media center, end tables, and a console table. Ya gotta love having a garage sale! I think that the floors are what make the biggest difference.

We got a new set of couches from Drew's parents, they didn't want them anymore...thanks! We updated the floors from that icky carpet to wood and got an area rug!

Drew got the TV with points he had saved up from staying at holiday inns...the only benefit to all of his traveling.

The mantle all fall ready

The new console table that Drew got...he did good. The side tables look just like this. We will eventually get the coffee table that matches, but that is down the road.

This is the newest addition of my pumpkin collection, made with copper leaves.

My welcome sign to visitors!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fire truck, fire truck, I wanna ride on a fire truck!

This last week the PTA brought in the Frisco Fire Department to do a demonstration for the kids. They learned what the difference between toys and tool were, what number to call in case of an emergency and what an emergency is, and they saw a fireman get dressed in his gear...we really tried to push that he is still a regular guy in his fire gear and not scary. To most 3-5 year olds a fireman looks scary. The fire department even brought a fire truck and ambulance out for the kiddos to see, they had a great time getting to go into the truck and see inside. The fire men coming out even brought out the kid in me, I wanted a picture on the fire truck!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Aggies at Cowboys Stadium

This last weekend we enjoyed spending time with our good friends the Lovelaces. Drew surprised me with tickets to the Aggies game. I was really excited about it because we were one of the few who had NOT seen cowboys stadium yet. It was really cool to get to see it and the jumbo screen is really HUGE!! Although we lost we still had a great time, but I do prefer games at Kyle Field.

How we spend our evenings

I gladly welcome the fall brings cooler weather (much needed here in Texas), football season, and a new season of my favorite shows.

This is what we've been watching lately...

Balloons...up, up, and away!

So...I have been really bad about blogging lately and there are no excusses other than laziness!

A couple of weeks ago Drew and I had a date night and went to the Balloon Festival. We had a great time seeing all the balloons and eating CLASSIC fair food...corny dogs and turkey legs! (When we go to the state fair I fully intend on getting a funnel cake :) It was super crowded and HOT, but it was really neat to go in the evening because they light all the balloons up. I used to go the balloon festival every year as a kid and we would go early in the morning. This was exciting to go in the evening. Here are some pictures of our outing!

Enjoying the turkey leg...yum!
Drew, really chowing down

All the balloons being blown up
Drew and I with the balloons before it gets dark...we're getting good at the self portrait.
The balloon light up...they would all light up at the same time it looked so cool!

The evening ended on fire works, but I didn't get any good pictures of the fire works.