Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Olivia {4 months}

Baby girl,
How is it possible that you are 4 months already?!? It seems like just yesterday they placed you in my arms and I was forever a mommy! You light up our life sweet girl, you have a toothless grin that melts our heart. You are such a sweet girl, you are our little cuddle bug. I can't believe how big you are and I find myself each month saying "this stage is my favorite." I have loved watching you grow, develop, and discover. You are loved so much more than you could possibly imagine. I pray that you always know how loved you are, and that you are a beautiful, wonderful child of God and that your true beauty comes from Him.

Well...we've hit a snag in our wonderful sleep schedule and we are experiencing sleep regression (I admit, not my favorite activity of yours). You went from sleeping midnight to 9:30 maybe even 10:30 to...midnight to 3, 4, or 5 am (depending on which time sounds best to you). I called the pediatrician and we have started you on rice cereal, I put a tablespoon in your last bottle at night. The first couple nights you had rice cereal, you slept until 7, but now you are a consistent 5 am. I change you and nurse you when you wake up and then you fall back asleep until 9 or 10. I am thankful for that, but I did really enjoy sleeping straight through. Hopefully once we start introducing food you'll go back to that, I definitely can tell that my milk alone is not satisfying you as long. You still have to be swaddled to sleep in your crib and you are happy to sleep on your back.

We've had some bumps along the way, but I think we've finally got it down. I think when you started taking your nuk pacifier it changed your latch and getting you to nurse was a huge struggle! I got a nipple shield and you stay on and feed for 20 minutes which before was like 3 minutes of consecutive feeding on each side and then it was an off/on game and you were never happy or satisfied after eating. I still want to see a lactation consultant so maybe we can get back in the groove of things without the shield. We have added rice cereal to your diet in hopes to fill you up to get you to sleep longer it has helped since you aren't getting up at 3 or 4 anymore, you've been able to make it to 5. You still primarily nurse with a few bottles here and there and I have finally gotten more comfortable with nursing in public so I don't always have to have a bottle on hand.

New tricks/activities/accomplishments:
You LOVE to blow bubbles, you are quite the drool monster and you always need to have a bib. You have learned to blow raspberries and it will keep you occupied for quite some time. We will be driving and you'll be in the back seat blowing raspberries and your daddy and I turn down the radio just to listen to you. You also love to make gurgle noises, I think you like the way the vibration feels. You love to talk and coo! On 9/6/14 you made your first official giggle not just high pitched squeals. I was not able to get it on camera and you haven't done it again, but I can't wait for more it was such a sweet sound. And on 9/10 you discovered your feet, you don't stare at them yet or put them in your mouth, but you always have your legs curled up and you hold your feet in your hands.

You like to be swaddled to sleep, playing on your play mat, being held, TV, bright colors and lights. You like everything in your mouth! You love music and being sung to. you enjoy being bounced, rocked, swayed, and patted (you pretty much like any kind of movement). You like sitting up on our laps and looking out at what is going on and you like your newest food, rice cereal.

Being put down or left alone for too long. The baby bjorn (my solution to not putting you down although I think it's starting to grow on you). Being put in your carseat, but you enjoy the ride.

Other random facts:

  • You are a total momma's girl: you are happy and content in my arms, but if someone else wants to hold you and takes you away you instantly start crying (unless it's daddy).
  • You have a slight flair for the dramatics (I don't know where you get that from :)). You are happy one second and then we blink and you start to fuss (you're a fickle girl like the rest of us)!
  • You headed out to Aggieland for the second time this month and tailgated with Nana as we headed to the game. You got all dolled up in your Aggie gear and you loved people watching at the tailgate. I'm sure you will love coming to a game one day!

4 month facts:
Weight: 12 lb. 7 oz. (14%)
Length: 24 & 3/8 inches (40%)
Bedtime: Midnight, let's try to make it earlier before I head back to work!
Naps: noon for a couple hours, 4 pm you take a 45 minute nap, 6:30 about an hour & 1/2
Diapers: size 1
Clothes: 0-3 months, you have worn a few 3-6 month items (when we had a cool front come through), but they were still pretty big on you!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Olivia {3 Months}

My precious baby girl,
How is it that you are already 3 months? Time is just flying by. It needs to slow down! I truly treasure every moment I get to spend with you. When we are with family and friends and they are holding you all night, I miss you so much and I can't wait to have you in my arms again! You are such a blessing and I am so glad that God chose me to be your mommy!

You are a wonderful sleep, we are so lucky! During the day you take one good nap around noon and wake up about 3, the rest of the day it's just a few cat naps here and there. We get you ready for bed and I feed you around 10 and get you to bed by 10:30, we've really been working on pushing that bed time back and we don't see you again until 10:30 AM!! You are still sleeping in our room, I thought we would have moved you already, but you are such a great sleeper, I'm afraid to rock the boat! And you are a pretty quiet sleeper, you don't make much noise that keeps me up, you made a little more when you were a newborn a few grunts and groans here and there, but not anymore you just turn your head every once in awhile. You're still sleeping on your back and you've had no problem with that!

You love to eat, but it has been more of a challenge lately. Around 2 months you started pulling off at around the 7 minute mark while nursing on each side and you would get real fussy and I'm not sure why. I know you're still hungry and I still have milk. That past week and a half you have been pulling off almost immediately and fussing at me, it's definitely frustrating and a little discouraging, but I'm sticking with it and trying to build up a freezer supply at the same time so you have milk once I go back to work.

New tricks/activities/accomplishments:
You are the most adorable squeaky, squeal giggle. You haven't mastered laughing yet, but you get a huge smile on your face and give a high pitched squeal of delight when you find something amusing or are really happy. I absolutely love your special giggle! You love to play on your play mat and you are now reaching for the dangling toys and grabbing them, sometimes they end up in your mouth along with your hands. You have found your hands this month, and they are always in your mouth! While playing on your mat, you have also started to roll on your left side. It's always to face the light up music box on your mat, I need to put it on the other side to see if you'll turn on your right side as well. You haven't discovered your feet yet, but when you're on the changing table, you're always kicking like you have some place to go. You aren't sitting up yet, but you are a pro at holding up your head. you love to sit on our lap or be held and just hold your head up and turn it to look around at things or the TV (which you enjoy watching). You have become very observant and more aware of your surroundings, you look at your toys, watch the TV (in your swing you'll tilt your head to see the TV), follow me and your daddy with your eyes and notice when we come in or when I leave the room. You've started to play and respond to peak a boo, I gets smiles at you when you see my face while playing the game. If you can't tell, I'm one proud momma!

Being swaddled to sleep. Being sung to and smiled at. Your play mat and light up music toys. The TV, mom and dad. Clean diapers, squealing in delight (melts my heart), kicking your feet, sleeping, sucking on your fist and finders, and being held! You really like bath time, you are getting the hang of kicking your feet and splashing momma!

Sleeping in your crib, you still like your bassinet. Right now nursing has been a challenge (you've been better with the bottle, not my favorite :( ). Being put down or left alone, you definitely are noticing when I'm no longer in your line of sight. You've gotten so good at tummy time, but you definitely let me know when you've had your fill. You do not like getting out of the tub, it's a little chilly!

Other random facts:

  • You sneeze several times a day
  • This month you have traveled to Lake Palestine and Nebraska
  • You went to church for the fist time and you did a great job, you loved the loud music
  • You got your first stuffy nose this month and you HATE having your nose messed with. The nasal aspirator, boogie wipes, and saline drops are all torture for you. You go from happy go lucky to screaming mad in no time at all!

3 month facts:
Weight: about 13 pounds
Length: 23 1/2 inches
Bedtime: 10:30 PM
Naps: Noon and a couple cat naps throughout the day
Diapers: size 1
Clothes: 0-3 months 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Olivia {2 Months}

My dear sweet Olivia,
Time is flying by and you are already 2 months old!You have changes so much in the past month. You don't have that newborn look anymore and you are really starting to fill out, you've got some rolls on those thighs. You still love to be held and snuggled, being put down is not something you enjoy. You definitely let me and your daddy know when you're not happy about something, you have a great set of lungs. We love you so much, you are so precious to us!

At night you are a great sleeper! you typically sleep from about midnight to 9:30. You are quite the night owl, it takes awhile after your last feeding to get you to sleep, you tend to just want to be up and hang out with me and daddy. We've been working on getting you on a schedule this month using the babywise system of eat, play, sleep. Overall it's gone pretty well, but you have to be swaddled during the day to take naps and it takes some rocking, back patting, and singing to get you to sleep. We sing Jesus Loves Me, I love you Lord, and There is a Redeemer every time you go to sleep and you love it. You are still able to sleep anywhere you seem to really like your carseat when we are out and about. You are still sleeping on your back and you favor turning your head to the right, I'm a little worried about you getting a flat spot. Hopefully when you start turning it will even out.

You love to eat, but you are starting to get a little lazy when you nurse. I'm a little worried that I might not be producing enough because you nurse great for about 5 minutes and then you start pulling off in frustration. Don't worry little girl, I am doing everything I can to help increase my milk! You are doing a great job with the bottle so I know you're getting what you need.

New tricks/activities/accomplishments:
You are sleeping in your crib nicely during naptime and you smile and coo lots during the day, you're really starting to talk. I love having conversations with you and you make good eye contact when we do talk. You are constantly looking for your thumb of fingers and you have gotten your thumb in your mouth with the rest of your fingers fisted a couple of times, but I am really pushing the paci with you.

Being held and snuggled, any kind of movement (bouncing, patting, car rides, & stroller rides). Baths aren't so bad anymore, you aren't excited about them, but you seem to enjoy them and not scream anymore. You like your paci, it helps calm you down and you like being sung to. We sing Jesus Loves Me, I love You Lord, and There is a Redeemer everyday. You like the light up toy that plays music on your play mat, that helps keep you happy for a little while during tummy time. You love being changed and having a clean diaper, I think you are happiest on the changing table, thats where you give the most smiles and you are the most talkative during that time. You love to be held by daddy and give him smiles. You like your paci and find it calming, but you spit it out and really try to chew on your fist. We are really working to push the paci so we don't have to fight quitting the thumb sucking.

You don't like to be by yourself for long, you love to be held. Being put down when awake, your time of being happy while not being held is about a max of 15 minutes. You're still not a fan of tummy time and if you aren't 100% asleep you wake up and cry when your paci falls out.

Other random facts:
  • You have a couple different cries:
  • When you start to get upset you mix in coughs with your soft whine/cry
  • When you are angry and have a full on scream you sometimes give us the silent scream before full on blasting us with the fullness of your lungs & your entire head turns into a cherry tomato.
  • When you start to get hungry and I'm getting ready to nurse you, you can get a little impatient. When you start to cry right before I feed you, you snort.
  •  When you nurse and I stop to burp you/ change sides and you are clearly not done eating, you squeak when you cry.
  • You are quite the gassy baby, we can hear you clear across the house sometimes and your daddy and I can't help but laugh at how loud you can get.

2 month stats:
Weight: 11 lb. 11 oz. (53%)
Length: 23.5 in. (85%)
Eating: every 3-4 hourse during the day
Bedtime: 12 or 12:30
Awake: 9:30 or 10
Naps: 10:30-12:00, 1:00-3:00, 4:00-6:00 and you are usually pretty awake in the evenings (you seem to be pretty fussy in the evenings, it makes me a little sad because you're fussy when daddy gets home, but I know it will change).
Diapers: Size 1
Clothes: 0-3 months

Monday, June 23, 2014

Olivia {1 Month}

Dear sweet Olivia,
This first month has flown by just like everyone has said it would. I can't believe you have been ours for a month already. Your daddy and I are so in love with you and we can't imagine life without you! You are the perfect little addition to our family. We were a little worried about how the dogs would be with you, but they love you too. When you cry they come up and check on you and Buttercup loves to try and give you kisses and Lily likes to rest her head on your lap when we hold you. Both doggies love to come and sleep in your room while you are nursing and just hang out. Those hyper puppies have been so calm and gentle with you, you are going to have some great play mates as you get older!

You have done such a great job sleeping, and you got yourself on a schedule right away. You gave your daddy and I the gift of sleep from the get-go. This first month, you have been sleeping anywhere from 3-4 hours at a time at night and during the day you fall asleep after every feeding, and you can sleep anywhere (pack 'n play, swing, rock & play, and your crib). When you don't fall asleep right away, I lay you on my chest and that is a sure fire why to get you to sleep. I know it's not the best of habits, but sometime you got to do what you got to do! You love being swaddled and you don't have a problem sleeping on your back, but by the time you wake up, your hands are always by your face. I looked back at your sonograms, and that is where your hands are in every picture.

You are a great eater! We had a little trouble at the start and had to use a little formula to get you to latch, but once my milk came in the syringe went away. Sometimes when you eat you like to grunt and talk, we will work on not talking with your mouth full! You have been great with the bottle and nursing and we have had no issues with confusion. You have taken both since you were in the hospital, but I try to nurse you as much as possible. It is nice that you are happy with both and that you take the bottle, because it is nice to get a break when I need it and give you some bonding time with your daddy.

New tricks/ activities/ accomplishments
I'm not sure if you really learned anything new, since it's all new to all of us, but you have done a great job working on eating and sleeping. You have been a\out and about on the town quite a bit, mommy gets a little stir crazy! you have been to Target LOTS of times, bible study, life group, out to eat, and lunch at daddy's office. When we hold you up on our shoulders, you do a great job holding up your hear, you love to look around. And, you are packing on the pounds, you weigh and even 10 pounds!

Being held and snuggles, the Mamaroo on Kangaroo setting, your swing, driving in the car, being swaddled, pats on the bottom, paci, & music

Getting dressed or undressed (once the clothing switch is done, you're fine), baths, tummy time, & when your paci falls out

Other random facts:
  • You've gained over 3 pounds since we brought you home from the hospital
  • You have grown 3 inches since you were born
  • I'm not sure who you look like, I think you're a good mix. We hear that you look like me from the eyes up and your daddy from the nose down a lot!
  • You did a great job during your newborn photos. You'd get fussy when we changed you and then you would fall right back asleep and we got some great pictures!

1 month stats:
Weight: 10 pounds
Length: 22 1/2 inches
Eating: Every 3 hours
Bedtime: Around 9 or 9:30
Awake: 6:00 or 6:30, but you fall back asleep after you eat
Naps: All day long, you typically fall asleep after every feeding and sleep in between feedings.
Diapers: Newborn
Clothes: Newborn and a few 0-3 months

Monday, May 26, 2014

40 weeks

Since we came home on Olivia's due date, I decided to finish my weekly pictures with her 40 week picture.

Gender: A beautiful baby girl
Name: Olivia Rose
Best moment this week: Seeing and holding our sweet girl and seeing my hubbys pride as he holds his daughter!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Baby G is here!

Baby G has arrived, and she is a beautiful baby girl!

Meet Olivia Rose
She arrived Friday May 23rd at 8:17 PM
Weighing 7 pounds 15 ounces & 19 1/2 inches long

Olivia's birth story

It all started when we went to my 39 week appointment on Wednesday May 21st. Everything looked like it was progressing along as normal, until we realized that Baby G was not head down, and from that moment on we were no longer playing
the waiting game. In an instant we went from thinking we would be having a normal delivery whenever I happend to go into labor to scheduling a C-section bright an early on Tuesday May 27th. Drew tells me how surprised he was at how I held my composure and remained calm. I normally would stress out about something like this, but I didn't. We were a little disappointed that we wouldn't get to have the "ahhh, we're in labor" lets run around and make sure we have everything moment and call our parents to meet us as soon as possible because we are freaking out. It was also a good thing, because we were able to make sure that my dad who travels a lot would be there for the birth of his first grandbaby.

I went into work the next day and let my principal know that Friday would be my last day as I would be having a C-section early on Tuesday morning. My orginial plan was to work all the way up until I went into labor. Throughout Thursday and Friday, I worked hard to get my room cleaned up and make sure I had everything ready for my long term sub. On Friday afternoon I headed home around 3:30 and decided to straighten up the house and do the dishes. I wanted to get the house cleaned that weekend and Drew and I had all sorts of last hoorah plans of going out to eat and going to the movies and of course sleeping in! Little did I know that all those plans would be thrown out the window.

At 4:30 as I was finishing up loading the dishwasher (which I'm glad I got done, no yucky dishes were left in the sink), I leaned over to put the last item in the dishwasher when I felt a sharp kick and water gushing down my leg. Amazingily I stayed calm! Drew was supposed to be home early, but because it was also his last day for 2 weeks, he was still working getting everything ready for while he was out. I called his cell and it went to his voicemail and then I called his office number where he immediately answered "I'm not still up at the office." Then I promptly replied, "You need to come home." "Why?" "Because I'm pretty sure my water just broke." From there I called my doctor, waited for Drew to get home, and we headed to the hospital. On the drive to the hospital we made the call to our family to let them know I was in labor and to meet us up there because we would be meeting baby G tonight.

We got up  to the hospital around 5:45, got checked in, and we headed back to the delivery area. I got changed into the beautiful hospital gown, got my IV, monitor on the baby, and the contractions started coming! They checked to see if my water did actually break, and we had a quick sono to see if Baby G was still upside down and she was! By 7:45 PM I was being wheeled into the OR and we were getting ready to meet our baby. The nerves definitely started to kick in, we were about to be parents!

Drew stayed behind in the waiting room while I got my epidural (craziest thing ever)! and then was brought in right before surgery began. Promptly at 8:00 PM, the curtain went up and by 8:17 our doctor announced that it was "a girl bottom." It was such a wonderful surprise (I wanted a girl in the very beginning). They took her over to wipe her down, get her weighed and measured and got some foot prints for Dad. I just hung out on the operating table a little misty eyed and amazed that we were now parents.

By 9PM I was in recovery for 2 hours and everyone in our life group was anxiously waiting to know if Baby G was a boy or girl, but of course we had to tell family first (which we wanted to do in person). It was really nice to have that 2 hours in recovery with just me, Drew, and Olivia to enjoy our own little family time before everyone else met her.

At 11 PM we headed to our room/suite (it was a huge room)! And got ready for the family to arrive. Drew left Olivia with me and headed to the waiting room to bring our family back. He had them wait outside the room as he picked up Olivia and went to open the door. I still get teary eyed thinking about the pride Drew had as he got ready to show off his daughter. I enjoyed watching from the background as everyone gushed over the pink hat that they saw when the door was opened. Everyone was in love with sweet Olivia.

My dad holding his first grand baby

My mom with Olivia

Grandma Gardner

Uncle Ben

Aunt Elizabeth (She cried when she held Olivia)

Grandpa Gardner

Over the next few days we enjoyed being spoiled and pampered by our hotel I mean hospital, the nurses and staff were so wonderful I definitely wasn't ready to leave. We enjoyed having our family and friends come out to meet our daughter and after 3 days we headed home to do this parenting thing on our own.

Everything worked out so perfectly, my dad was able to be there to meet our baby girl (he was boarding a plane when my water broke) and we still got our "surprise, we're in labor!" She is definitely my little girl as our stories are almost identical with the exception that my mom did not know before hand that I was breech. We are so in love with our little girl and we are so blessed, everything went so perfect and we are enjoing every moment of parenthood.