Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My dad is 50!!

Last week my dad turned 50...I can't believe it! We started the weekend off right, celebrating at medieval times! We had such a good time, her are some pictures to document!

My parents with their best friends Tom and Kathy

My brother is a pretty pretty princess!
We had a good time trying on the medieval hat wear.

My dad is being hugged and comforted for being soooo "old"
The birthday boy being knighted
My family
The whole gang!
Having a good 'ol time!
My sister and I with our knight, sadly he did not win.
My mom and Kathy with our knight
Drew and I...we are getting pretty good at our self portrait.
On Monday night...my dad's actual birthday, I hosted a birthday party for him with all of our family.
Here are the yummy cupcakes I made for his birthday...they were amazing, I will post about them later!
My sister, mom, and Kathy
Singing happy birthday
I hope he made a good wish!
The self portrait!
Such a good time celebrating with friends and family!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thankful for sisters

On Thanksgiving day, I was probably most thankful for my sister's safe arrival home. She has spent the last 3 months in Brazil as a missionary for YWAM (Youth With a Mission), studying at the Children at Risk school. She has been in some very dangerous areas working with children as young as seven who are addicted to sniffing glue and most of them have AIDS or are HIV positive. She has spent time in gang infested areas and just all around dangerous situations. I am so thankful that God watched over her and brought her safely home. She leaves in April to go back to Brazil for a year so I will be praying again for her safety and the work that God has put her in.