Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Olivia {2 Months}

My dear sweet Olivia,
Time is flying by and you are already 2 months old!You have changes so much in the past month. You don't have that newborn look anymore and you are really starting to fill out, you've got some rolls on those thighs. You still love to be held and snuggled, being put down is not something you enjoy. You definitely let me and your daddy know when you're not happy about something, you have a great set of lungs. We love you so much, you are so precious to us!

At night you are a great sleeper! you typically sleep from about midnight to 9:30. You are quite the night owl, it takes awhile after your last feeding to get you to sleep, you tend to just want to be up and hang out with me and daddy. We've been working on getting you on a schedule this month using the babywise system of eat, play, sleep. Overall it's gone pretty well, but you have to be swaddled during the day to take naps and it takes some rocking, back patting, and singing to get you to sleep. We sing Jesus Loves Me, I love you Lord, and There is a Redeemer every time you go to sleep and you love it. You are still able to sleep anywhere you seem to really like your carseat when we are out and about. You are still sleeping on your back and you favor turning your head to the right, I'm a little worried about you getting a flat spot. Hopefully when you start turning it will even out.

You love to eat, but you are starting to get a little lazy when you nurse. I'm a little worried that I might not be producing enough because you nurse great for about 5 minutes and then you start pulling off in frustration. Don't worry little girl, I am doing everything I can to help increase my milk! You are doing a great job with the bottle so I know you're getting what you need.

New tricks/activities/accomplishments:
You are sleeping in your crib nicely during naptime and you smile and coo lots during the day, you're really starting to talk. I love having conversations with you and you make good eye contact when we do talk. You are constantly looking for your thumb of fingers and you have gotten your thumb in your mouth with the rest of your fingers fisted a couple of times, but I am really pushing the paci with you.

Being held and snuggled, any kind of movement (bouncing, patting, car rides, & stroller rides). Baths aren't so bad anymore, you aren't excited about them, but you seem to enjoy them and not scream anymore. You like your paci, it helps calm you down and you like being sung to. We sing Jesus Loves Me, I love You Lord, and There is a Redeemer everyday. You like the light up toy that plays music on your play mat, that helps keep you happy for a little while during tummy time. You love being changed and having a clean diaper, I think you are happiest on the changing table, thats where you give the most smiles and you are the most talkative during that time. You love to be held by daddy and give him smiles. You like your paci and find it calming, but you spit it out and really try to chew on your fist. We are really working to push the paci so we don't have to fight quitting the thumb sucking.

You don't like to be by yourself for long, you love to be held. Being put down when awake, your time of being happy while not being held is about a max of 15 minutes. You're still not a fan of tummy time and if you aren't 100% asleep you wake up and cry when your paci falls out.

Other random facts:
  • You have a couple different cries:
  • When you start to get upset you mix in coughs with your soft whine/cry
  • When you are angry and have a full on scream you sometimes give us the silent scream before full on blasting us with the fullness of your lungs & your entire head turns into a cherry tomato.
  • When you start to get hungry and I'm getting ready to nurse you, you can get a little impatient. When you start to cry right before I feed you, you snort.
  •  When you nurse and I stop to burp you/ change sides and you are clearly not done eating, you squeak when you cry.
  • You are quite the gassy baby, we can hear you clear across the house sometimes and your daddy and I can't help but laugh at how loud you can get.

2 month stats:
Weight: 11 lb. 11 oz. (53%)
Length: 23.5 in. (85%)
Eating: every 3-4 hourse during the day
Bedtime: 12 or 12:30
Awake: 9:30 or 10
Naps: 10:30-12:00, 1:00-3:00, 4:00-6:00 and you are usually pretty awake in the evenings (you seem to be pretty fussy in the evenings, it makes me a little sad because you're fussy when daddy gets home, but I know it will change).
Diapers: Size 1
Clothes: 0-3 months