Friday, February 26, 2010

Daily blogging

I got this idea from my friend Martha's blog!

During the week days I am going to "TRY" to post everyday...we shall see how it goes. Here's what I am thinking...

Meal Plannng Monday: I will post the meals that I plan to make every monday and some of the recipes that will be made.

Tickled Tuesday: I'll share something that has made me laugh in the past week...most likely this will come from my students!

Wordless Wednesday: (thanks Martha) I'll share just a old memory or a new favorite.

Thankful Thursday: I will shar something I am thankful for.

Show us your life Friday: Every Friday, Kelly's Korner she host a Blog Carnival called Show Us Your Life. It started out as just showing each room in your house, but it has evolves to literally just showing/blogging about a specific topic. So starting next week I will think of a topic...please show me your life on the topic!

Plastic Surgery


Drew and I are currently taking Dave Ramsey's Finacial Peace University. We love it, and so far we have learned a lot (we are on track to have our house paid off by 2019...woo-hoo). The last chapter we were reading in our book told us to have plastic surgery (not on our bodies...our credit cards). So that is just what we did. Dave told us to light some candles (make it a cerimony) and chop away. Drew and I definitely took out our anger on our EVIL crdit cards, it was very theriputic. We still have our debit card to pay bills, but we are really trying to use cash for most of our day to day spending! I can't wait to blog on the day we are ou of debt...hopefully soon!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Celebration

Drew and I decided to celebrate Valentines day a day late...we really didn't get to spend much time together (just the two of us on Valentines). We started the morning off right...a good hearty breakfast!

What better than hear shaped pancakes with faces on them for a valentines breakfast? They were oh so tasty!
For V-day Drew got me a grill's perfect because I was wanting a new one (it's normally like $50 dollars the one I wanted, but he found it on sale!!)

Here's is my old one (same grill pan) it just has a hole in it. We got it for our wedding and I loved it, but a stove malfunction welded my pan to the stove and burned a hole in my pan!
Here's a close up of the hole. I still use it but I couldn't make anything that was juicy because the juices/grease would just leak onto my stove :/

I got Drew a blessings book for Valentines day (very simple, but sentimental). I got the idea from my friend Katy...she posted about it on her blog,
We finished the night up with dinner at Red Lobster (they had a dinner for 2 special) was paid for by gift cards (which made it even better)! We went home and watched The Proposal, such a fun movie...we had a great day just getting to spend the whole day together!

can you see the difference?

So we made some changes this weekend. I am going to post the before and after picture of our kitchen...look for the difference (there's only one)!

Did you see it?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Meal Planning Monday

Monday: Dinner at Red Lobster (YAY for gift cards!)

Tuesday: Something quick before Women's bible study

Wednesday: Something quick before Financial Peace University

Thursday: Happy Hour with Lindsay at Cheesecake Factory

Friday: Ranch style chicken with potatoes

  • Breakfast: pancakes
  • Lunch: Sandwiches
  • Dinner: With the family


  • Lunch: With the Family
  • Dinner: leftovers

My Valentine

I know I am a day late, but Drew and I really weren't home much yesterday.

My Valentine,
I love you so much, I know that I don't always say it like I should. You are the man of my dreams. My life with you has been amazing so far, I cannot wait for the many more years to come. You are so intelligent, caring, brave, loving, and hard working. I love how you desire to take care of me and Buttercup and provide a good life for us. I love how you love me and love the Lord. I am so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for your love in return! I love you!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Susan Stevens Crummel

This week in school we had the author Susan Stevens Crummel come and be a guest speaker at our school. She was great, she really had a passion for literacy and her books. For pre-K aged kids she did talk a little long (45 minutes), but she kept them engaged the entire time. She had so much excitement when she talked, she had the kids laughing the whole time. It was a lot of fun. She won the Bluebonnet award this year in Texas for her book Help Me Mr. Mutt, (It would be a great book to use when talking about letter writing). She also wrote the books The Great Fuzz Frenzy, Tumbleweed Stew, Shoe Town, Cook-a-doodle-doo, plaidypus lost, and much more! She has great books to read to younger children!

The Snowy Day

I think that yesterday brought out the kids in all of us. Especially me, I couldn't help it but at work I think I watched out the window with my students more than teach (who could) and I desperately wanted to be out in the snow playing. I was actually pretty glad we had school yesterday...we didn't do much "teaching" but we had a lot of fun experiencing the snow. I loved being a little kid with my pre-k students. We had a huge snowball fight and even built a snow man. I spent my day at school being chased around the playground by 8 4 and 5 year olds trying to hit me with a snowball. We headed inside to dry off and made hot chocolate. I think the kids had a great day and I did too. My fun didn't stop there, when I got home I begged my husband to go play out in the snow with me!
Our house...this picture was taken today after all the snow had fallen. It was a record day for DFW over 11 inches of snow!
Our neighborhood covered in snow

I told you snow turned me into a kid...making snow angels!
The dogs even had fun in the snow...chasing eachother around.

Buttercup (our dog) catching a snowball and smashing it into smithereans. I think she looks like a whale jumping out of the ocean.
Here is Lucy (my parent's dog) trying to get s snowball. She didn't get it though because her eye/ snout coordination is not very good.

Buttercup going after another snowball...she loves ice cubes for a she went through the yard eating the snow (unlimited ice)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Meal Planning Monday

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... no dinner plans (it's just me)

Thursday: Happy Hour and appetizers with work

Friday: BBQ cupcakes with fried okra

  • Breakfast: Eggs in a basket with bacon
  • Lunch: Sandwiches
  • Dinner: Burgers with fruit


  • Lunch: with the family
  • Dinner: I'm not sure yet, but I'm going to cook something nice for dinner...I'll post about it later!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Sunday

Although my team lost I had a great time watching the game at my parents house. I really wanted Melvin Bullitt (an Aggie) to get a superbowl ring. But it is exciting for the Saints to win their first superbowl. I had a great time and ate WAAAYYY to much junk food. I was all geared up and excited for the commercials, but they were pretty disappointing this year. Doritos commercials were pretty good, budwiesers were ok, and the etrade commercials were pretty funny...but overall not the best year for superbowl commercials.

Me and the hubbers... love him :)
My cousin Geoffrey building with Legos

Drew, Josh and Aunt Cindy watching the game...Josh is advertising Mountain Dew

Mom and Grandma...Chillin

James being cool as always

Best Friends

Yay! for best friends. Last night my friend Megan came over and we had such a good night of fellowship and movie watching. We got our comic bookk fix last night, we watched Iron Man and Transformers. She has been out of touch with movies for a while so it is my job to broaden her movie horizon. We had a very tasty Italian home cooked meal, then watched movies (we went way past my bed time, I even fell asleep during Transformers). Megan brought over tasy fondue...some chocolate, ameretto liquore, and tasty fruit and snacks to dip in. I really really want a fondue pot now, it is definitely something fun to have when you have guests over! I can't wait to get together with Megan again...we always have to plan time to get together because she is always very busy with school, can't wait for a girls night! You gotta cherish those times with good friends.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wii for date nights

Last night Drew and I went on a double date with Drew's brother Ben and his girlfriend Mikaela. We had a great time. The night began with a very tasty dinner at Chilis. We talked about going to a movie but decided to come back to our house and play Wii games. For Christmas Drew got the Winter Olympic sports game so we decided to play that. We had a great time. Here are some pictures of us playing Wii games!
Me Vs. Mikaela
Drew Vs. Ben

Organized Cleaning

Normally my Saturdays are spent cleaning the entire house top to bottom. I decided last week that I would rather enjoy my weekend than spend it cleaning. I would rather spend my Saturday helping Drew with a project he has or just hanging out. So I have compiled a to do cleaning list that gets all my house keeping chores done through out the week instead of in one day! I definitely spent less time on my feet cleaning today and more time relaxing (which is what the weekend should be about)!

Sunday: put together weekly menu and grocery shop

Monday: Clean bathrooms

Tuesday: Dust and sweep floors

Wednesday: Clean tile floors

Thursday: Vacuum

Friday: Clean the office (all the mail through out the week gets put in there and the room gets messy quick).

Saturday: Vacuum again and clean the master bedroom

You may have noticed I put vacuum on there twice. That is thanks to our dear sweet dog Buttercup who keeps our floors saturated with fur! I even have a rumba (robot vacuum) that I turn on every other day in the living room (where she is most often) just to help pick up the fur. You also may have noticed that there is no day for cleaning the kitchen...that is because it is my plan that when I cook the kitchen will get cleaned up after dinner. If that doesn't work out then it will probably get done on Sundays after the groceries have been put away.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Meal Planning Monday

Monday: My brother's basketball game and dinner with my parents after.

Tuesday: Left over chicken fried rice

Wednesday: Left over Saltgrass YUM!

Thursday: Chicken tortelini alfredo with rolls and broccoli

Friday: BBQ Cupcakes with fried okra and potatoes


  • Breakfast: Cinnamon rolls (carried over)

  • Lunch: BLTS with fruit

  • Dinner: Hamburgers with fruit