Sunday, October 14, 2012

TV Fall Line Up

 The shows are back and here's what We've been watching.

Drew and I are loving Once Upon a Time, it is very suspenceful and keeps us in anticipation for next week. I love the twists that they put on the old Fairy Tales.

A couple Christmas' ago Drew and I stated watching Bones on Netflix during the break. We have been watching it ever since. The relationships between the characters is great, there is a little humor between them which add a little comic relief from the creepy suspense.

 I love Parenthood (I watch this by myself)... Leave it to Parenthood to bring on the water works. I think they do a great job incorperating different aspects of families.

 My mom got me into Smash...I love it for the talented singers and AWESOME music. I've heard that it may eventually go to Broadway (it's a show about creating a Broadway Musical about Marilyn Monroe)

The end of summer and beginning of fall brings 2 shows from USA that I love to watch. Necessary Roughness brings together humor and drama about a psychiatrist and a football player and his team.

 Royal Pains is witty and clever. I like the medical side plus the relationships between the characters.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Party like it's 1980

Last weekend our good friend turned 30, and to celebrate we did it up 80's style. Good times were had by all!

The life group couples...
Drew and I

The Cooks

 The Jarke's

 The Endres'

 The Gallegos'

The Coughlin's

The Coulter's

The birthday girl and her hubby
The Steele's

The Williams'

Photo booth time...girls gone crazy!

 As the night went on, it got a little crazy

Dance party karaoke

The newest member of our family

4 weeks ago we brought home sweet little Lily. She has added so much joy to our life along with sleepless nights. It has been an adjustment for us all especially for big sister Buttercup. I think there were mixed emotions about the pup. They are becoming great friends as Lily gets older and is able to keep up.

Here are some pictures we have taken of our sweet little girl.
Lily the day we brought her home and today (October 13, 2012)